If you’re thinking of moving your small business to the cloud platform, this latest global survey from Baker & McKenzie may help you with some tips for how to negotiate the cloud contract.

While the survey focuses on large businesses with extra bargaining power, some of the results may prove interesting.

The flexibility and elasticity offered by cloud services, the enhanced speed at which content and services can be deployed, and the cost savings that can be achieved topped the list of buyers’ objectives when entering into cloud arrangements.

Interestingly, a sizeable portion of survey participants cited government surveillance as one of their primary hesitations in deciding which service to buy, with almost one in five respondents selecting this option. The regions with the largest number of respondents expressing concerns over government surveillance were Asia-Pacific (Australia) and Europe.

Have a look at the survey at http://f.datasrvr.com/fr1/315/51187/2014_Cloud_Survey_-_Negotiating_Cloud_Deals_Australia.pdf

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