Law Firm Baker & McKenzie has released its first global social media survey and it’s worth a look to get the big picture on social media use by business. Respondents are fairly large enterprises across a range of industries but the data is still valuable.

Key findings in the survey include:

  1. Social media is widespread but still developing. One in six organisations regards its social media use as being ‘in its infancy’.
  2. No industries are a ‘no go’. Organisations in every respondent industry use social media.
  3. A monologue is becoming a dialogue. Use of social media remains highly customer focused but nearly half of organisations consider ‘two-way’ engagement to be important to their social media use.
  4. Social networking sites remain the most popular form of social media for organisations, both in terms of overall usage and frequency.
  5. Risk is not the main barrier to the use of social media – organisations are more likely to be constrained by lack of resources or a perception that social media is not appropriate to their industry.
  6. Risk management is essential – almost every organisation implements controls through social media policies or guidelines. The main risks that organisations are seeking to avoid are bad PR, loss of brand control and unauthorised use of data.

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DBK Module 4 covers social media and your business.