Whether it is a room that has the capacity to sense carbon dioxide, changing ventilation accordingly to reduce energy usage, building in accordance with green standards and certifications, or utilising technology to better manage resources, including time and money, the construction industry and architects who work in it, as well as end-users, stand to benefit greatly from the increasingly innovative tools and materials available.

Technology allows clients and end-users to be engaged in every step of the project, from design to build, especially given the many social media outlets and their ability to engage populations and provide almost immediate feedback. Crowd-sourced placemaking allows the masses to have an impact on how the built environment is designed and formed through the use of social media and mobile apps, paired with data and information acquired over time. For example, the ACT Government has announced a 6-week window for the community to get onto social media and give opinions on the design of the proposed light-rail project in Canberra.

Technological innovation is paramount to any improvements to productivity and by proactively thinking about technology and how it can advance a company, you can better position yourself against competition, offering near perfect solutions to complex design challenges and moving quickly from the design stage to a finished final product.

Web-based platforms, Cloud computing, mobile computing, and other software applications have also revolutionised the ability for change orders, invoices, status reports, important documents, design, scheduling, estimating, bidding, and budgeting to be completed electronically to increase project efficiency as well as improve project management and operational capabilities. The three biggest themes impacting the construction industry are:

1. The adoption of big data and data driven design

2. The increased use of virtual reality and visualisation applications in the field such as drones, remote sensing and 3D printing and modelling, utilising digital technology to capture reality

3. Construction intelligence
 Construction in Focus offers some good advice on using technology to support your business productivity http://www.constructioninfocus.com.au/index.php/2014/10/23/technology-trends-2/

See Module 4 on Social Media and Module 8 on Cloud Computing