A new app designed for architects on the move allows a single design discussion to occur using photos, images, comments and drawings that can be edited and changed quickly and legibly even when many hands are involved.  Crit is a messaging app for architects which allows users to critique designs, share ideas and send key information such as dimensions and materials.

Modern architectural projects relying on increasingly large teams of architects, engineers, project managers and contractors, design decisions have to be shared with a large number of people – leading to slow decisions in an increasingly fast-paced world. Crit provides architects, designers and artists with a way to connect these various modes of communication.

Photographs can be overlaid with sketches or annotations, multiple people can be invited to critique a design, and alongside, a messaging service which encourages brevity and speed provides a place for a seamless discussion about proposed alterations. There’s even an “Eyetime” feature which tells users which images have received the most attention from their colleagues.

This new app gets around the issue of email discussions being disjointed and separating images from discussion. Click here to review.

Module 7 and module 9 in the DBKs deal with mobile computing and sharing large files.